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Very positive news Burnie Isuzu Ute have again signed on as the clubs’ major sponsor. New flags have been attached to the pins, balls are provided for Saturday’s Eagles’ Nest, there is continued sponsorship of the Seabrook 11’s and referrals from club members to Burnie Isuzu Ute sales team will receive a $50 voucher (same provided to the club). In addition the Burnie Isuzu Ute team will sponsor a series of events during the year (see the logo’s on the new club shirt). Thank you to the team at Burnie Isuzu Ute, Brad Will, Sales Manager and Annette Clarke Marketing Coordinator .

New Sponsor- Welcome Duran Hall. Duran, a club board member has just set up his own home maintenance business- give him a call!

What’s happening As we continue to develop the long term plan for the course each month you will see small changes. Some of the new tee beds have come into play. The new shed has been built, power will be connected next week enabling it to be used fully. Trees kindly donated by Michael Newman and FORICA have been planted around the shed. The last of the equipment from the old shed will be transferred on Tuesday.All drains have been sprayed for weeds, once the grass dies off they will be cleaned ready for winter. (Hope to have a few working bees to complete this). The pumps we use to drain low soak-age areas will be serviced ready for use over winter.

New Sponsor. Petr and Odessa Skvaril have just joined as members and Club sponsors. A big thank you for cleaning up after the recent flood to the office and bar area and thank you for your generous sponsorship of the raffle at the recent Trivia Night Ph 0400568567

Saturday week, April 1st… Proved to be an interesting day for some Interesting events started at 8.00am when the the usual 10.30am group all received a text saying Aiden had forgotten to mention Pennant had been moved to 9.30 on Saturdays- if we wanted a game we should get here for 8.30- sorry for the late notice- some made the effort! Around the same time Jack was organising players who had hired golf carts to help the member who was emptying bins on the course to move 1/2 a dozen cattle that were grazing contentedly on the 5th fairway. People playing the 3rd hole were co-opted to help. It was quite an interesting sight watching the squadron of golf carts descending on the 5th fairway for the promised round up! Payback has been promised!!!!!

What’s Happening cont’ Over the next few weeks, we will increase the height of the levies at the ends of the old creek beds on the 2 nd and 4 th holes and commission the remaining tees. Expect some small changes to the layout as we try to balance the difficulty of the new nine hole layouts. A new sequence for the routine cutting of grass across the 11 holes will be implemented and we hope to top-dress the drains that were cut on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th holes once we get access to some sand. The old 15 green has been maintained and will be used as a nursery green to replace poor grass that covers part of the current 2 and 4 greens. We have scheduled the greens to be cored during the second week of May. A big thank you to Jeanie and June for tidying up the garden beds at the front of the club house-amazing what can happen within a week.

Can you help? We are after a push mower, Athol, our newest volunteer is keen to take over Pete Conlon’s care of the clubhouse surrounds and needs a mower to do this. The two we have previously had donated are on their last legs. Contact Pete or Heath if you can help out with this.

AGM Monday, April 17th at 7.30pm This event seems to always come around quickly. Nominations closed last Friday. Our Public Officer, John Gibson has disclosed he received nominations for all positions. A big thank you to Jade Agg for his work as Captain. He has quietly gone about the task for the past couple of years, always present and reliable. President for the past 5 years, Rob Bentley has put his hand up for renomination, he assures us is the last time. David Raw will continue as Vice President and Gary Kramer will juggle the Treasurers role around some traveling. The Captains role will most likely be decided by an election as Rick Ferguson and Iain Wills have both nominated for this position. Other board members are Duran Hall, John Gibson, Peter Conlon, Hannah MacKay and Rick Ferguson. The constitution only defines a minimum number of directors hence new board members, ideas and energy are always appreciated. Being a small club it is always best when all members take a turn at helping at the board level.

Eighhtball Jade Agg and Duran Hall have done a great job organising an upgrade for the Eightball table and coordinating our entry into the local Eightball roster. We have two teams based at the club, a club team and a team who uses the club as their base. Matches are played Tuesday nights. Darren Jaffray and Jade run the bar on these nights. The extra activity generated has certainly contributed to an increased bar activity.

Toasted Sandwiches available A big thank you to Shane Kirkland and family for donating a sandwich maker to the club. $5 ham and cheese toasties cooked to order are now being sold over the bar at any time- just need to warm up the toaster.

Have you considered Hiring the Clubhouse? Just a reminder the clubhouse is available for hire and is proving to be a popular venue. So far this year we have held 2 corporate days, 2 birthdays, a “dance party”, 6 rounds of the Eight Ball roster and a well attended Quizz night. The next booking is on ANZAC day for a local social club’s annual golf day. A big thank you to our team of volunteer bar staff (Mainly Noddy, Jade, Pete, Reggie, Hannah, Craig and Gary) who cover each of these events.

Pennant and New Club Shirt We have 3 teams playing the current Pennant roster-a Div 2 ladies comp played on Monday’s and Div 2 and 6 teams in the open rosters held on Sunday’s. Players are pretty keen and will know their competitiveness as the rosters unfold. A big thank you to Duran for organising a new club shirt, no small feat- as agreeing on design, collecting sponsors and ordering all take time. The shirts will be sold over the bar to club members for $50 each ($20 each for pennant players) A big shout out to sponsors- Burnie Isuzu ($20. each for pennant players) Utes, Mallee Grill, Plaster Designs, Jensen’s Quality Metal and Jarrod Boys International.

Good habits to consider when you play the new course With the transition to 11 holes it is more important for quicker play Do you… Hit the ball when you are ready, rather than waiting for the furthest away to go first? Mark your card at the next tee? Leave your golf clubs on the way to the next tee? Get ready to putt while some one is putting?

Jack Lakin is playing at the PGA Qualifying School Good luck to Jack Lakin. For the next 3 days he joins 120 players in the first round of qualifying for a players card on the Australian PGA. Jack is playing at the Moonah Links Legends Course. There are 3 rounds with around 25 players progressing to a final qualifying being played next week. Live scoring can be found at Play well Jack.

Another great day at the Lining Supplies Corporate Day A big thank you to Steve Treloar and the team at Lining Supplies for again using the club for their annual corporate golf day held in February. On the day Steve really looks after his regular clients, highlights the extensive range of products he has available and provides great prizes. The club benefits greatly from green fees of 40 to 50 players and significant bar takings. Thank you Steve and Lining Supplies. Lining Supplies is located at 6-8 Phillip Street, Wivenhoe ph 64312000

Job List To help coordinate the pre-winter golf course work of volunteers Noddy and Pete have prioritised a series of clean up jobs. If you have the odd hour to spare first have a look at the list that’s near the score entry screen in the club house and pick up a job- it doesn’t all need to be done- Pete and Noddy will appreciate the help. If you finish a job just add your initials to the list. Have you noticed that many of the branches that litter the tree line are being cleaned up on a regular basis. Have a quick look at the fire pile on the RHS of the 5th to see the size of this task. A big thank you to Gary for being in charge of this task.

Dance Event on again The next event will be held June 24th. This time around it will have an 1980’s to suit Rock and Rollers- both old and young. Door entry $12.50 can be paid online. Look out for advertising on social media.

New Sponsor Welcome to Momentum Cranes, Momentum Electrical and owners Bowen Keene 0400185856 and Ben Midson ph 0487397897. Ben and Bowen work state wide in industrial and residential electrical installations. Give them a ring!

Just a heads up The Board has completed 3 submissions from for grants from a variety of Government groups. The outcome will be revealed within the the next month. Each grant takes 4 to 5 days work to prepare and are completed by a team of 3 board members. Over the past 2 years we have a 50% success rate. Fingers crossed. And a couple of things to consider: Please use the time sheet to book your tee time on Saturday mornings. And So players can continue their play, people coming off the 11 green have right of way on the 12 tee. If you are starting your round invite people finishing the 11 hole to keep going.

Whats on April 15th Single Stableford April 16th Pennant from 9.30am April 17th Pennant from 9.30am April 22nd Single Stableford April 25th Corporate Day April 29th 2 Ball Ambrose Invitation Day April 30th Seabrook 11’s May1st Pennant form 9.30am May 6th Mallee Grill Stroke Spoon May 13th Single Stableford May 15th Greens being cored May 20th Single Stableford May 27th Bisque Single Stableford Invitation Day May 28th Seabrook 11’s


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