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Local Rules

(to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf)

Out of Bounds:

As defined by White Pegs with Black Tops on the left hand side (LHS) of the 14th and 16th holes and elsewhere by the club’s boundary fences. (refer - Rule 18)


Internal Out of Bounds:

As defined by White Pegs with Black Tops on left hand side (LHS) of the 9 th / 18th fairways adjacent to the tree line and extending to the front left hand side of the Ladies old 10th tee bed extending to the car park corner Out of Bounds Peg. (refer - Rule 18)


Staked Trees and Shrubs:

If a staked tree or shrub interferes with a players natural swing and stance, the player MUST take relief. (refer - Rule 16)


Stake and Line Markings:

(all stakes are immovable obstructions: see Rule 16) YELLOW– Water Hazards RED – Lateral Water Hazards WHITE – Ground Under Repair (GUR)


Movable Obstructions:

All loose impediments, irrigation hoses, tee markers (other than when teeing) are movable obstructions. (refer - Rule 15)


Immovable Obstructions:

All stakes, irrigation equipment, signage, distance markers, bridge abutments and foundations, drains (not in a hazard) and all buildings and compounds within the golf course boundaries are immovable obstructions.

All fixed sprinkler heads and mobile sprinklers are immovable obstructions. Relief MUST only be taken when the natural swing or stance is impeded. (refer - Rule 16)


Garden Beds:

All Garden Beds are GUR and the player MUST take relief. (refer - Rule 16)


Wheel Marks:

Except in a hazard, well defined wheel marks made by a mower, tractor, or motor vehicle are GUR. (refer - Rule 16)


Distance Markers:

All distance markers, 100 metres (white) and 150 metres (blue), on the sides of the fairways are measured to the centre of the greens.


Balls Moved by Outside Influences:

Balls taken by crows etc may be replaced. (refer - Rule 9) Conditions of Play


Visitors MUST pay Green Fees at the Pro-shop or at the Green Fee Box at the front of the Clubhouse PRIOR the commencement of play.

Course Marshalls do patrol the course after hours and upon request, proof of payment is required.

All players should play from the first tee, unless instructed otherwise by the pro-shop staff.

No more than four (4) players per group.

Each player must have a set of clubs.

Neat casual dress applies.

Please carry sand buckets.

Please replace divots and cover with sand.

Please repair all plug marks on the greens.

Please rake all bunkers whilst exiting.

Please use all carts in a responsible manner as users are responsible for any damage incurred.

Please place all rubbish in the receptacles provided.

Mobile Phones MUST be turned off or in mute mode.

Please check notice boards for any Temporary Local Rules.


Local Rules


Stones and Debris in Bunkers are Movable Obstructions. (refer - Rule 15)


Animal Scratchings in Bunkers:

Relief may be taken from all animal scratchings, scrappings and tracks, in Bunkers, by dropping the ball, in the bunker, no nearer the hole at the nearest point of relief. (refer – Rule 16)


Animal Scratchings and Scrappings:

Relief may be taken from all animal scratchings and scrappings on fairways “through the green”. (refer – Rule 16)


Tree Roots:

Relief may be taken from tree roots (for swing only, not stance) ONLY on the fairway or within two club lengths of the fairway. (refer - Rule 16)


Unmarked Drains:

All unmarked drains within the Golf Course boundaries are GUR and relief to be taken. (refer – Rule 16)


Greenkeepers Debris:

All debris, rubbish, trimmings, grass clippings, burn off piles and burn off bins are to be treated as GUR and relief to be taken. (refer – Rule 16)


Formed Paths:

All asphalt, concrete and defined gravel paths are to be treated as GUR and relief to be taken. (refer - Rule 16)


Interference from Irrigation Equipment:

Relief can be taken when interference from irrigation equipment where stance and swing are impeded by water sweep and spray and can be treated as GUR. (refer – Rule 16)


Drop Zones:

Designated drop zones are available on the 1st and 2 nd holes only and are located at the left or the right adjacent the greens.

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