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General Membership Info


  • Full Members/Junior (7 Day Playing Rights)

  • Seasonal Members (7 Day Playing Rights for nominated 6 months of the Membership Year)

  • Socail Members (No Playing Rights - Clubhouse Rights Only)Socia



Seabrook Golf Club conducts a number of competitions in which new members are encouraged to participate:



  • Separate Men and Ladies Competition

  • Tee off time for the Men & Ladies is from sunrise - 1:30pm



Seabrook 16’s – a 3 ball Ambrose, shotgun start at 10.00am - last Sunday of each month

Ladies Comp day Tee off time between 9 and 10am


Men’s Mid-Week Competition
Tee off time 7:30am - 9:45am (Vary with seasons)
From 4.00pm – 9 hole open with bbq Between October and March- daylight saving time


Open Mid-Week Competition
Tee off time 9.15 to 10.00am


Foursomes: Two players play as partners and use one ball. The partners tee off alternately from the tee and thereafter strike the ball alternately during the play at each hole. Half combined handicap.

Mixed Foursomes: Are played in the same manner as foursomes, except ladies use their own tees. It is usual for the male member to hit off the odd
numbered tees and the lady member to hit off the even numbered tees. Handicap is 1/2 of combined handicap.

Pinehurst Foursomes: (Also known as an American Foursome). Both players play a tee shot at each hole, then play a second shot with their partner's
ball, one ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the owner of the ball selected playing the third stroke. Handicap 3/8 of
combined handicap.

Foursomes: Both players play two(2) shots at each hole with their own ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the
partner of the owner of the ball playing the third shot. Handicap 3/8 of combined handicap.

Ambrose 2’s 3's or 4's: All players tee off with their own ball, then select the best ball, the other players drop a ball within 1 club length of the
chosen ball and all play their next shot. This continues to the completion of the hole. Handicap is added and divided by 4, 6 or 8.


For new members who are not familiar with keeping score, cards are exchanged with another party in your group and you will score each others card for every hole. After completion of the round you should ensure your card has been completed as follows: Signed by the marker Signed by the player, Membership Number Date Handicap Score cards are then taken to the proshop and placed in the appropriate box made available for that days competition.

NB Bookings and cancellations can be made in person or by calling the Pro Shop on 9707 1887. The Pro Shop is open Monday-Sunday, 8.30 a.m. 4.00 p.m.


The winner of the days competition will receive Pro Shop Account credit, a voucher or a prize. The voucher can be used in the Pro Shop. Prizes are
given to the winner of the nearest the pin (NTP). Balls are given down the line. Special Event Competitions are held throughout the year and these
are listed in the Fixture Book.


New members who do not have a handicap are required to complete three 18 hole (or equivalent) cards with a stroke score recorded for each hole played. These 3 cards are to be submitted at either the Pro Shop or the Club's Office. Once a handicap has been allocated, details are sent to Golf Link who will send you a golf link card which then becomes your membership card and can be used to enter all club competitions via the computer in the Pro Shop. Staff in the Pro Shop will be happy to assist with any enquiries.


Seabrook Golf Club has two "slope" rated courses:

Men's WHITE measuring metres with a Par of , a Scratch Rating of 66 and a Slope Rating of 110
Ladies' RED measuring 4,707 metres with a Par of 69, a Scratch Rating of 70 and a Slope Rating of 122

CARE OF THE COURSE - all players must carry sand buckets

Ball Mark Repairs

Commence at the back of ball mark and push forward with pitch mark repairer. Do not lift upwards bring the soil to the surface. Attend to all sides of ball mark, easing/teasing turf forward to replace damaged area. (see Care of the Course pamphlet for details).
While waiting to putt, repair 2 or 3 other pitch marks.


Golf Carts

Golf Carts are owned by the club and rented through the proshop. The rental agreement outlines the obligations and responsibilities.
Carts should be kept a minimum of 3 metres away from the green.


Give Way to Green Keepers

Green Keepers have right of way at all times.

Divot Repairs

Fill divots on the tees.
Do not take a divot during a practice swing.
Do not overfill divots as the sand blunts the cutting edge of the mower blades.
Fill divots on the course as you play.



Enter Bunker from lowest point.
Rake surrounding area.
Pull rake towards you as you exit bunker.
Place rake at the base of the bunker facing the direction of play.
Enjoy your Golf Course - if every member follows these recommendations it will assist in keeping the course in good condition.


Don’t be offended if a you are asked to identify yourself and/or produce your green fee receipt.


Visitors are most welcome. Organise your game through the Proshop. Out side of hours Green Fees can be paid by completing the registration book and placing money in the slot

Pro Shop


Tuesday- Sunday
8.300 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Telephone 03 6442 2173 for bookings and cancellations.


Bar Hours (the bar is opened by volunteers according to a roster)
Mon Closed
Wed 12.00 noon - 3.00 pm and 5.00 to 9.00 Daylight saving
Thu 12.30 pm - 2.00pm
Sat 12.noon . - CLOSE
Sun Last Sunday of the month 12.00noon to 3.00pm
Sun 3pm - 6.00 pm (May to September)



Dress must be neat & tidy at all times on the Course and in the Clubhouse

For ALL on the Course and in the Clubhouse:

▪ A neat & tidy shirt must be worn at all times.
▪ Unsavoury motifs are NOT ACCEPTABLE
▪ Singlets are not acceptable
▪ HATS are NOT to be worn in the Clubhouse


For ALL GOLFERS on the Course:
▪ FOOTWEAR worn must be appropriate for the conditions - THONGS are NOT ACCEPTABLE

ALL VISITORS are required to respect these rules AT ALL TIMES


Complaint Process

All complaints are to be made in writing to the President of the Club who will refer the matter to the Board of Management within seven days.
No member of the club shall directly reprimand an employee of the Seabrook Golf Club.

11 Tips to help speed up your round of golf

It is very easy for new (and not so new) golfers to spend in excess of 5 hours playing 18 holes.

There is no big secret to speeding up play. In fact there are many little things you can do that will save you a few seconds here or there. If these
savings are factored out across each player in your group and across 9 or 18 holes the savings can be huge. E.g. if each player saved 1 minute of time per hole and there were three players in your group, your group will cut 27 minutes over 9 holes and 54 minutes over 18 holes. A big saving indeed.

Here are 11 suggestions of how you can save time in your next game of golf:

1. Walk quickly between shots. This doesn't mean you have to run; just walk at a good pace in between your shots.
2. Be ready to play when it is your turn to play. You should have your club in hand and all you really need to do is have your
practice swing, take your address and then hit the shot.
3. Only have one practice swing before hitting a shot. Once practice swing should be all you need to loosen your muscles and give
you the feel for the shot you are about to play.
4. Mark your score card while someone else is playing a shot. Don’t mark your score card when it is your turn to play. You can
always mark the card while another in your group is playing their shot.
5. Leave your golf clubs at the nearest exit point from the green to the next tee. If you are playing a course for the first time take
note of the direction the group in front of you walk off the green you are playing to. This is where you should leave your clubs.
6. Line up your putt while someone else is putting. While one of your playing partners are putting you can use this time to line up
your putt (as long as you are not interfering with their shot). You can also learn from their putt if they are in a similar position to
your ball.
7. Assess your shot and club selection as you are walking along the fairway. As you are walking up the fairway you can assess
some of the factors in playing your next shot. E.g. wind, (strength and direction), pin position, distance of the shot, lie of the land,
8. When in doubt play a Provisional Ball. If you think there is a possibility your ball may be lost or out of bounds hit a provisional
ball. By doing so you eliminate the need to walk back to the position you played the last shot from and hit another shot should your
ball be lost or out of bounds.
9. Pick up your ball once you can no longer score. A point or half in par and stableford when playing in par and stableford events
you have used all of your shots on a particular hole and can no longer register a score. You must pick up your ball.
10. Warm up before you play your game. By warming up before you play your game you will increase the chance of hitting better
shots which will allow you to have less shots per hole and therefore a quicker round and better score.
11. Putt out if you are within a metre of the hole. Once your ball ends up within a metre it is a good idea to hole out (unless you will
be standing on another players line). Although you may not be furthest from the hole you are permitted to hole out.

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